General health

What should your poop and pee look like?

How many pesticides are in your favourite fresh foods.

Audio podcasts: Primal living, Sugar and an oldie but a goodie

The Fermentation series: Lacto-Fermention + Sauerkraut recipe

The Fermentation Series: Kefir

Food reactions and a Recipe: Pumpkin & Coconut Custard

My health

How I got here: A brief history

How I got here: The diagnosis

What I have tried thus far: Part 1

What I have tried thus far: Part 2

What I have tried thus far: Part 3

What I have tried thus far: Ayurveda etc

What I have tried thus far: Practitioners, education and support online

My current treatment and healing regime

Recent healing chronicles


Alternative treatments

Allergy and ME/CFS



2 thoughts on “Health

  1. Thank you so much for this blog Amy, it’s a treasure. I’ve been gradually working my way through it for about a week. There is so much useful information , not to mention all the links etc. Nice to find someone with a similar proactive, holistic approach..

    I’m looking forward to hearing of your new ideas and the changes you’ve made to your regime. . I have already learnt so much! Currently considering including some of the supplements you mention but am not sure which ones will be best. Am enjoying the BED and GAPS diets and find meditation and qigong very helpful too.

    Hope you’re going well & enjoying the warmth and beautiful energy of byron shire. I’m based in a coastal town near melbourne, but I often go up to mullumbimby for the winter. Thanks again, and best wishes!


    • Hey Kaela. Thanks so much for your comment! I love mullumbimby, its gorgeous. It is certainly getting warmer here, I love it. Will indeed post soon about what I have been doing. I have started studying naturopathy part time so have been a bit preoccupied with that the past couple of months. If you want to ask me anything further about the supplements you can email me at if you like. Gaps and body ecology are great therapeutic diets, I find I use them interchangeably, as well as auto-immune paleo. Best wishes to you, Amy


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