My Top Tips For Flawless, Glowing Skin!


I really love making an effort to look after my skin, not just by choosing to use the most purest and effective products externally, but by healing and nourishing my body internally. Truly healthy, glowing skin starts from the inside. I learnt this after many years of struggling with painful and embarrassing skin issues and trying various chemical laden skin care products that did absolutely nothing but strip my skin of its natural oils and add to my body’s toxic load. You may already be aware that the majority of skin care products contain awful, unregulated synthetic ingredients and there is no one that regulates the use of these chemicals. Thankfully you can seek out recommendations and research from independent organisations such as The Environmental Working Group that test cosmetic products for toxicity levels, carcinogens and potential allergens.

Could you potentially eat the products that you are putting on your skin? If not, then you probably don’t want to be using them. What we put on our skin, goes within, straight into the blood stream.

What do I do to look after my skin from the inside?

  • Eat a nutrient rich, whole food and highly digestible diet.
  • Consume healthy fats. This macronutrient is crucial to dewy, glowing skin. Essential fatty acids found in foods such as avocado, coconut, hemp, chia, wild seafood and grassfed, free range and organic beef feed your skin from within.
  • Include plenty of fermented foods such a kefir, sauerkraut and coconut yogurt to provide an abundance of enzymes and probiotic bacteria essential for a healthy digestive system.
  • Consume an abundance of mineral rich foods and avoid anti-nutrients found in un-properly prepared grains, nuts, seeds and legumes which bind to essential minerals in the gut, preventing their absorption and inhibiting the digestive process. Zinc and silica are particularly important for skin health.
  • Consume foods rich in fat soluble vitamins A, E and D such as sunflower seeds (activated), avocado, organic eggs and organic chicken liver pate occasionally.
  • Lots of chlorophyll rich foods such as spinach, spirulina, chlorella and kale and green juice!
  • Foods rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids such as berries, amla berry and GMO free vitamin C supplements.
  • Consume gelatin in the form of bone broth and pasture raised bovine gelatin and marine collagen supplements.

What do I do to look after my skin on the outside?

  • Cleanse my face morning and night with Devita Aloe Vera cleanser.
  • I also love the oil cleansing method for a deep cleanse and do this frequently.
  • I make up a facial scrub using aluminum free baking soda, raw honey and sea salt and use this fortnightly to exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • I occasionally do a clay mask using green clay and apple cider vinegar.
  • I moisturise with organic cold-pressed jojoba oil and rosehip oil. I have also recently been adding in a drop of wild frankincense oil at night too.
  • I sometimes wear a natural tinted moisturiser on top of my moisturiser. My favourite is Devita’s Moisture Tint.
  • I wash my body with organic baby castile soap, dry body brush and moisturise with either coconut oil or Young Living’s Cel-lite oil blend.
  • I like to occasionally make up a body scrub using baking soda, organic ground coffee, sea salt, raw honey, raw sugar, jojoba oil and water for a full body scrub. Warning: messy!

There you have it, my tips for flawless, glowing skin. Healing your skin, is a process and does not happen over night. When the bodies toxicity levels fall, the gut heals, hormone levels regulate and the immune system settles, that is when the magic begins to happen.

Trust in the process, trust in your body’s incredible, innate wisdom and healing abilities and love your body to bits! It will love you for it!


Part 2: My Bali Journey


Dear readers. Thank you for your patience during the past few months since arriving home, and not posting on my blog.

I am so grateful for you!

My entire trip was extremely challenging and I still feel like I am recovering from it all.

Starting from where we left off, I continued to receive the EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation) until the last 2 weeks of my 2 month stay in Bali. I continued to feel worse, until I realised my body was too depleted to cope with any more ‘die off’ from the EBOO ozone therapy which takes out around 2 litres of blood and ozonates it over an hour. I listened and opted for some major autohemotherapy ozone treatment instead where a much smaller amount of blood is taken out, mixed with the ozone and then injected back into the vein. I also continued with the intravenous vitamin C, glutathione, and lipoic acid until the day I was leaving to come home.

My days looked like this: Ride with my scooter taxi through the densely crowded and polluted streets of Ubud, Multiple injections, massage, sip on a green juice and eat amazing raw and organic cuisine, sauna, yoga, eat, rest, eat, sleep.


Along the way I met some interesting characters, had emotional breakdowns to local Balinese strangers and made friends with some beautiful fellow Lyme sufferers at the Bali Ozone Clinic.

I tried so hard to enjoy every moment I had over there, but it was hard, hard to not feel homesick and not be eagerly awaiting the arriving of a couple of close friends in the last two weeks of my trip. I felt so crap and although I had access to some of the most divine raw food I have ever tasted in my LIFE (I love food) I had nausea and diarrhea most of the time which took away the enjoyment a tad I must say.

I was so excited the day some friends were arriving in Ubud, I took myself out for a celebratory dinner prior to their arrival. I was likely anemic after my hospital stay and craving red meat like crazy so I went to a very expensive Italian restaurant that had been recommended to me. I had a giant lamb roast and vegetables. About half an hour after my meal I become intensely nauseous and just generally feeling really unwell. The nausea had been there previously the night before, but not to this extent. It continued to worsen, my belly swelled up and was terribly painful, my food just was not digesting. I was actually moaning in pain, and then my visitors arrived. I managed to walk downstairs to greet them, but after getting back in bed I just started to freak out! I was profoundly ill, and then I think I had a panic attack on top of it. Adrenaline kicked in and I just ran outside with one of my friends down a path to some local Balinese friends, bawling my eyes out and asking them to take me to the Ubud clinic for help, it was nearing midnight by this stage. Once at the clinic I couldn’t sit up, I was just in agony. The doctors assessed me and all they could tell me was that my stomach was full of air and I should take 3 unidentified types of drugs for high stomach acid. NO THANK YOU! I couldn’t move from their assessment tables so I just lay there, eventually though I had to leave.


I vomited which relieved some pressure in my stomach, but the intense nausea stayed. I began to sweat profusely, having to lie towels down on my bed, the next day the intense nausea remained, making it difficult to even sip water, and I felt like I had a flu. My body was aching like hell, my face looked green/grey, my skin itched and my poop was pale and clay. This continued for a good 6 days. I requested an ultrasound of my gallbladder, they found nothing. My doctor did not seem to take what was happening seriously at all, I just wanted to go home!

When another beautiful friend arrived a week before I was due to go home, thankfully my symptoms were subsiding. Apart from looking at least 6 months pregnant for the remainder of my trip, I was coping. I intended to enjoy my last week in Bali, indulge with dear friends, laugh and find joy in each day I had left.

My stomach issues remained severe after arriving home with worsening diarrhea, itching, weight loss and cramping. I have since taken a large list of natural parasitic herbs, essential oils, antibiotics and anthelmintic medicines to treat various infections I picked up on my trip. Stool testing picked up campylobacter, blastocystis hominis and there remained strong evidence of ascaris.

Thankfully after 3 months of treatment my stomach issues are very much improved. Yay! I credit this to Flagyl, Paramomycin, mebendazole, Pyrantel Pamoate, The Kalcker protocol in conjunction with Kerri Riviera’s MMS protocol over the full moon (when parasites are most active.) I have also been using Bioray wormwood and artemisia, Global Healing Centre’s Paratrex formula and Young Living oregano, peppermint and Di-gize essential oils.

So there you have it, part 2 of my time spent on the island of Bali, in a nutshell.

If you have any questions regarding my treatment over there feel welcome to ask, I can elaborate for you.

Love and blessings, Amy x

P.S Here are a few photos for you.

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