An Update And My Healing Regimen

The past year has been a turbulent one. I thought I had no more lessons to learn from this dis-ease. I was so wrong. After experiencing some serious allergic reactions and in general a severe decline in my condition over christmas my health deteriorated further. I cannot truly put how I felt into words, it was like every single ounce of energy was sucked from me and did not return and I was left with 20 + nightmare symptoms literally within hours. It seemed to be my adrenals that were most heavily affected this time. My ability to function as a human being went to near 0%. Due to the adrenals being so effected my blood sugar was suddenly very dis-regulated, my emotions were all over the place, my heart raced when I moved or stood up, my head ached and the head pressure and ‘brain fog’ was unbearable. I physically felt like I would be stuck in bed again for years. The trauma and emotional distress this brought up was so dark and painful. Admittedly I was the biggest mess I have ever been. The first few months of this year were brutal. I learned some hard lessons and everything slowly became clear to me. I could see how my approach to healing my physical body was so wrong. I am always very honest with you all so is a list of things I have been doing which I will elaborate on in up coming posts.

What has changed this year ~

  • I stopped being so hard on myself. I stopped pushing. I surrendered. I accepted where I was at physically and worked with that. I stopped giving myself a hard time for where I was at. I stopped being ashamed. I have tried everything in my power to heal. I am incredibly determined and driven. It is enough. I am enough.
  • I continued treating Lyme Disease and associated conditions.
  • I continued with a detoxification protocol, but I took it to the next level after finding the work of Alexander Bloom. I look forward to sharing with you the incredible healing powers of suppositories, superfoods, binders and high quality detoxification and nutritional supplements. I will share more details soon. P.S Yes I did just say suppositories. Suppositories have been used for a very long time in medicine and it is a very effective way to absorb nutrients, herbs, antimicrobials and detox supplements fast. It also allows your medicine to be absorbed systemically, very quickly and cross the blood brain barrier. I personally think these top enemas.
  • I began to focus on Mercury detoxification again. I had tested ridiculously high for this a while ago using a urine provocation test and hair mineral analysis as well as other metals such as lead and arsenic. At the time I did not have a doctor who really understood how to properly chelate mercury so I am now working on detoxing mercury using Dr Christopher Shade’s protocol. I am already seeing results after a few months. You can find a really great run down of his protocol here.
  • My diet changed, dramatically. What I eat and how I eat.
  • I learned about the work of Dr Robert Morse and have had amazing results with his protocol. This approach has helped my lymphatic system so much and therefore my health in general. Before my eyes stagnant, hard lymph was dissolved all over my body.
  • I discovered the huge role black toxic mould played in the decline in my health and I did something drastic about it. I now believe mould and CIRS is one of the core triggers for ME/CFS.
  • I learnt further about how important your home environment is, where we spend so much of our time. I now feel educated about how to properly clean my home and I feel empowered. I enjoy cleaning. I can’t believe I just said that! I had the help of my friend Kathryn Woods who is a healthy home expert and nutritionist.
  • I realised calming my nervous system is absolutely crucial for me to heal and I am mastering how to do this. I am always working on this and grounding myself because I tend to become ungrounded very easily.
  • I became familiar with the work of Dr Jack Kruse and committed to working on re-setting my circadian rhythm. Sunshine exposure in the morning and during the day, blocking blue/bright light at night. I earthed more frequently and started being stricter with limiting EMF exposure. I learnt more about DHA.
  • I educated myself on the powerful healing abilities of medical cannabis and experimented with taking it orally to help with sleep and pain. This is now legally prescribed by medical doctors in NSW, Australia.
  • I hacked my sleep and work hard to get the best sleep I can and go to bed early. This entails wearing blue blockers when I can, taking liposomal melatonin, turning off electronics an hour or so before bed, feet up the wall before bed and some yin style yoga, magnesium, oral and transdermal. Sometimes I do have to take a pharmaceutical drug to sleep. The positives of sleeping and taking this drug far outweigh not sleeping for me and it is not something I do daily. I used to be against any pharmaceutical medications but I believe some can be hugely beneficial when used correctly.
  • I discovered the cause of most disease. To put it very simply, at the very core ~ Toxicity – nutrient depletion – infection plus epigenetics inevitably play a role but whether these genes are expressed or not depends on your environment. After seeing a few very experienced practitioners over the last couple of years I learned that there is a certain order you should heal the body in and I basically did it backwards for many years. Addressing toxicity and healing the gut is crucial whilst beginning to treat parasites, the largest pathogen. Then working from largest pathogen to smallest. I initially went after the Lyme and viral load first, then parasites, then mercury toxicity. The completely wrong order!
  • I continued to work on my emotional and spiritual wellbeing experiencing incredible breakdowns at times that led to breakthroughs.

Writing this now makes me realise how much work I have done and how blessed I am to be where I am. I look forward to sharing more of my experiences, knowledge and insights with you. What I share isn’t gospel, it is just my journey.

With love, Amy x