My Daily Healing Regimen


The past 4 years has seen me trying every modality, vitamin, herb, healing technique, medical system, experimental drug there is to offer in order to heal from what was diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, an illness that effects multiple systems of the body: the immune system, endocrine system, digestive system, liver function, hormones, mitochondrial function, methylation, brain and nervous system function. Thousands of studies have provided evidence of such dysfunctions in CFS sufferers but they are yet to discover the primary cause of the illness. Some specialists suggest auto-immunity or a hyper-reactive immune system is to blame, others believe it is caused by central nervous system abnormalities, hormones, chronic infection or mitochondrial dysfunction.

I am unsure if they will find one primary cause. This isn’t intended to be a negative statement. I just believe that sufferers are experiencing very similar core issues and symptoms, but with their own set of unique causes and triggers. Genetic predisposition is a given, as is a weak immune system and digestive system. But for some glandular fever, heavy metal toxicity, hormone disregulation and under-methlyation are core issues, for another it may be Blastocystis Hominis, HHV-6, Pyroluria, mold allergy and severe emotional stress, just as an example. It is a BIG puzzle, that needs to be put together. I believe every CFS sufferer needs to find their unique CFS FLAVOUR!

After so many years of searching for the primary cause of my health issues, I finally tested strong positive to Lyme Disease that explains the majority of my ongoing symptoms. Strong positive on relevant IgG and IgM bands.Β  Frankly though, I am really over these labels and diagnosis’, I am so happy to know what I need to treat: Chronic Borreliosis, Babesia, Leptospirosis, Mycoplasma, Candida, my battered immune system and heavy metal toxicity. I finally trust my body and I am able follow my intuition! I feel like I am on the right path now.

So my current healing regimen is rather involved! It is a combination of what has worked for me over the years for general detox, digestive, inflammation and immune support, plus some very potent herbal antimicrobials.

I have a great doctor and naturopath who both specialise in Lyme treating me, so my protocol includes their recommendations amalgamated. I feel well supported!

Ok, so here it goes, a very intimate look into my daily healing regimen!

Rule of thumb: If you are making an effort to kill disease causing pathogens such as Lyme and co-infections, you must make an effort to detoxify the endotoxins that are released as they die off in your body. These toxins cause a worsening of symptoms and are typically referred to as aΒ herxheimer reaction.

My Regime

8.00 am

I wake up!

I do tongue scraping daily (an Ayurvedic detoxification method) to get rid of any toxins that have been dumped on the tongue overnight.

I begin with Byron White formula’s A-L Complex first thing in the morning. Wait 15 minutes. Then Take A-Bab.

I then wait 30 minutes.

9.00 am

I take biofilm enzymes by Kirkman labs and ascorbic acid and wait 30 minutes. I do a yoga nidra meditation in bed during this time.

I drink a lot of filtered water in the mornings with concentrated mineral drops and usually a warm water and raw organic apple cider vinegar drink. I heat up some water in a pot and lightly simmer some Extox tea to drink and to use as a base for smoothies when cool.

9.30 am

When half an hour is up since taking my enzymes I take nascent iodine and my antimicrobials: Nutramedix Samento, P73 Oreganol oregano oil, Lauricidin Monolaurin, Paradise Herbs Japanese Knotweed (also a potent antioxidant), Dr Nicola Mcfadzean’s Teasle Root tincure, Paradise Herbs Olive leaf extract, Nutri-biotic Grape Fruit seed extract, Doctors Best Artimisinin and Nature’s Way Smilax (also a potent blood cleanser.)

I buy the majority of my supplements from Iherb and Natural Health Concepts.

I then wait another 30 minutes every second day and take LivOn Liposomal Glutathione for detoxification support and to protect the liver.

I also take detox herbs Liver Life by BioRay and Detox Assist by Californian Xtracts. I take a mushroom formula by Paradise herbs to boost my immune system and stimulate NK cell production.

I then wait 15-30 minutes.

I do some oil pulling most days with coconut oil in the morning and use a netti pot with salty water to flush out my sinuses.

I do plain water, probiotic and coffee enemas (yes that is putting organic, ground, medium roast, brewed coffee up my butt) a few times a week usually in the morning. Coffee enemas are wonderful for liver detoxification, inflammation and glutathione production, the bodies master antioxidant. It is one of the few things that actually gives me an almost immediate reduction in symptoms. Find out how to do them here.

10.30 am

I have a portable infrared sauna which I use 5 times per week for 30-40 minutes for detoxification. This is another tool which helps me soo much. I either do this in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Previous to the sauna I do dry body brushing to stimulate my lymphatic system and circulation.


I have also finally tuned in to my bodies natural rhythm for meal times. I used to feel like because it was a certain time I should have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now I find my body really likes intermittent fasting overnight and for the majority of the morning. This is wonderful for activating autophagy, the process in which cell organelles (cell organs if you like) detoxify the cell from viruses, bacteria, old mitochondria and waste material. Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of autophagy in destroying and reducing intracellular pathogens and optimising immunity. Goodbye Lyme! The science says however that these fasts need be no longer than 16 hours to be effective. Longer fasts can actually inhibit autophagy. Intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone. If it feels hard then it isn’t right for you at this time. It should be easy and feel good. I have more clarity and energy in the mornings.


11 pm

Next I break the fast usually around 11am with a detox smoothie. I take GI Encap by Thorne, Phytoprofen by Thorne for inflammation, NOW Digest Platinum digestive enzymes, coconut water kefir and a probiotic such as HealthForce Nutritionals probiotic.

Now I try to get in the sunshine, go for a swim in the ocean, ground myself to the earth.

I then try and do some art if I feel up to it.

2.00 pm

I then have lunch with digestive enzymes, Thorne Biogest, Ortho Molecular Reacted zinc, Thorne B-complex and Eclectic Institute organic freeze dried garlic.

I will continue working on my art or blog if I can.

I practice mindfulness meditation in the afternoon.

Later in the afternoon I take a Toxin mobiliser Herb Pharm Cilantro tincture and toxin binders Dr Mercola’s chlorella, HealthForce Nutritionals or Results RNA Nano Zeolite and food grade diatomaceous earth. I also take Nutri-Biotic Buffered vitamin C and Thorne Magnesium Citramate. I take my detox herbs again soon after this.

6.00 pm

Dinner time arrives and I take Biogest, digestive enzymes and garlic again with my meal.

8.30 pm

At least a couple of hours after eating I can take my Byron White formulas again 15 minutes apart.

9.00 pm

I then repeat the morning routine of enzymes and ascorbic acid, followed by antimicrobials 30 minutes later.

Before bed I use some essential oils such as oregano, clove and peppermint. I also use Ancient Minerals magnesium and MSM spray.

I then write down my daily gratitude list before going to sleep.

My Diet

My diet is very low carb to avoid feeding the spirochete bacteria fuel: sugar and starch, and fits into the paleo model. I have eaten this way for 4 years. Experimenting along the way and finding what works for me.

I strictly avoid all allergenic foods for me this is dairy, grains, legumes, and soy and all pro-inflammatory foods such as sugar.


My diet consists of:

Organic, wild, free range beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, bacon, chicken liver, kangaroo, fish, shellfish and egg yolks

Lots of green vegetables, low starch vegetables, leafy greens, onion, garlic, tumeric, ginger


Coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flakes, coconut butter

Avocado, Olive oil, Macadamia oil

Raw Sauerkraut

Coconut water kefir

Chia seeds, hemp seeds, activated sunflower seeds and pepitas, tahini

Herbs and spices

Apple cider vinegar, coconut aminos

I am also about to begin rifing! An experimental alternative to antibiotics.

I guess the question you are all asking is, are you getting better?

Well, yes I am. It is slow and one step forward two steps back kinda thing, but I have come so far, from bed ridden and house bound for 3 years, stuggling to have a conversation, dress myself, just do the bare necessities. To moving to Byron Bay a year ago and looking after myself without help. It has only been the past 2 months that I have began specific Lyme treatment and although in some ways I have been worse at times (herxing), I seem to be getting more energy some days! I am able to do more, slowly but surely! I have done ALOT of ground work over the past four years so I predict I will recover quickly. Basically doing all of the above but without the antimicrobial herbs, saunas, coffee enemas and toxin binding supplements.

On top of all of this I am extremely positive and optimistic. I also do visualisations of the healthy me, running, dancing, surfing, traveling, socialising, working, write down manifestations and I produced a dream board of living 100% health and vitality.

I also live a toxin free lifestyle! No chemicals in my skin care, cleaning products and make up.Β 

So there it is, a day in the life of me. Of course it doesn’t always run this smoothly. But I try my hardest. I am very disciplined and determined.