Aggressive Treatment Of Parasites


Since arriving back from Bali last May, where I was being treated for Lyme Disease my body has been body riddled with parasites. I have done my fair share of intensive conventional and herbal parasite treatments. One of the many lessons I learnt whilst in Bali was that I indeed had parasites even before my trip overseas. I had tested for parasites in the past and tried a few weak herbal cleanses with no change in symptoms, but I did not realise what a huge problem they were for me, until I saw them with my own eyes.

Over the past 8 months, after trialling a few protocols on myself (forever the guinea pig!) and finding myself the most wonderful, experienced and knowledgeable practitioner I have been treating multiple parasite infections. Finally I am starting to see improvements. The severe bloating and pain that would worsen over the day has improved significantly. I am surprised to have a relatively flat stomach after eating most of the time. Certain unusual skin conditions that I forgot were abnormal have disappeared and slowly my energy in increasing. It is certainly not a perfectly linear progression, but the improvements are occurring.

When I first arrived home after my trip to Bali I was still infected with Ascaris, Blastocystis Hominis and Campylobactor, that I know of. The IV flagyl I received in hospital I assumed had wiped out the Entamoeba Histolytica. The PCR test that I did only tests for 5 different parasites! My body was suffering multiple acute infections, I had intense nausea, bloating, pain and weight loss. In this desperate time I reached straight for the pharmaceuticals, I required a treatment that would act fast without a doubt. The first drug I took was flagyl, for one week. Which appeared to work within 12 hours. It was amazing. But after stopping many of my symptoms returned with vengeance. I then started treatment for Ascaris which initially involved taking Mebendazole. After a course of this I then began a 10 day course of Paromomycin. The diarrhea began to ease and I was able to eat properly again which was nice. I then began looking into the Kerri Rivera and Andreas Kalcker parasite protocols. These protocols are extremely rigorous and target mainly intestinal worms which many practitioners I have consulted with believe the majority of the population have. They appear to cause the most significant symptoms in immune compromised individuals.

I did 2 rounds of the Kalcker/Rivera parasite protocols which involved the CD baby bottle method, CD enemas, Mebendazole, Pyrantel-Pamoate, Neem, Castor oil and diatomaceous earth. The protocol is based around the full moon cycles when parasites appear to be more active and susceptible to the drugs and herbals consumed.

After doing a couple of round of the Kalcker/Rivera protocol I noticed a great improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms. But there were still many debilitating systemic symptoms that I experienced and my gut was still far from perfect. I finally tracked down a wonderful practitioner who trained under Dr Klinghardt and we started consulting via skype. It was the best decision I have ever made to see her, we work so well together and I finally have a practitioner who I trust and am in awe of her knowledge. Under her guidance I have done the Kauai Herbals GI Infusions parasite cleanse (which involves milk and salt enemas!) along with Mimosa Pudica implants, more CD enemas, 4 rounds of the Kauai Herbals papaya black seed mix one week on, one week off, neem and 3 x 2 week rounds of the pharmaceutical drug Alinia or Nitazoxanide. It has been extremely tough! On top of this I have been doing liver/gallbladder flushes under her guidance using Super Good Stuff products and castor oil packs on my liver and abdomen.

I have also been taking detox support supplements that tested up as helpful for me such as Bioray Liver Life, Activated coconut charcoal, Viatrexx systemic detox (a homeopathic formula), LivOn Labs Liposomal glutathione, Thorne Methyl Guard, Seeking Health Optimal Creatine, Nutribiotic vitamin c and bioflavonoids, Biotics Calcium/Magnesium Butyrate and A.C Grace Company vitamin E. I also continue to take Byron White formulas A-BAB for Babesia and am about to introduce Liposomal Artemisinin. I have been advised to do another 6 weeks of parasite work and then hopefully we will be able to move onto treating other infections. My practitioner works by treating infections in a particular order from larger to smaller infections. Parasites are always treated first as without addressing them treating Borrelia and other bacterial infections, mold, candida, protozoa and viruses is very difficult.

So there you have it, that is what I have been up to the past 8 months. I also continue to have 3 x infrared saunas per week, dry body brush using a natural bristle brush, scrape my tongue every morning to discard toxic residue, oil pull with coconut oil and sometimes Young Living Thieves oil and flush my sinuses with a netti pot using warm filtered water, sea salt, xylitol and grapefruit seed extract.

The inconsistency can frustrate me, but I try to surrender and accept my bodies desires in the moment. I choose not to be a victim and aim to be equanimous with the physical pain that is present. I try to be the witness, as hard as it can be sometimes, I understand the impermanence of these sensations, they shift and change. Most of all I am forever grateful for my amazing body carrying me through life day to day and allowing me to have this sensational human experience. I try to be my bodies best friend and treat it with the utmost care as it is the most precious gift I will ever receive.