What should your poop and pee look like!

Have you ever questioned if your bowel movements and your urine were normal? I am sure most people have wondered! There are some great resources to show you what the characteristics of your daily urination and stools mean. Lets not be shy about this, your wees and poos say alot about your health and what is going on inside your body!

Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder has posted on her blog a very clever chart on the different variations of your wee’s and poop’s this morning. Check it out to see if you are drinking enough water, eating enough fiber or if more serious alignments are affecting you.

Gaps Australia also pays attention to the quality of your bowel movements on their website with the bristol stool chart. Dr Oz is also a big advocate of checking out your poos and wees!

So there you have it, it pays to pay attention!


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