What I have tried thus far: Part 2

It had been roughly a year since being diagnosed ME/CFS and I felt I needed to try something new. I truly valued what I had learnt from my initial healing regime but I was not seeing the results I expected and neither was my doctor, it seemed like he was giving up on me. A dear friend of mine was keen to go to Bali to get some clothing designs made and I felt I should join in on the project. Having a goal as such seemed like the perfect way to push myself to get better. I also had this romanticized idea that I could go to Bali find a healer and come home healed. Far too ‘eat pray love’, but without the divorce, the love affair or the bladder infection. So I booked the flights 4 months in advance, that seemed enough time to improve.

Unfortunately when the time came round I was not feeling any better. Because I had not accepted the position I was in physically I could not let go of this opportunity and convinced myself that I had to go, I would just take taxi’s everywhere, relax by the beach, soak up the sun and find a healer. It will be fine!

After the one hour connecting flight from Hobart to Melbourne, I knew I was in a bit of trouble. Struggling to walk through the airport, muscles aching, head pounding, energy lacking. I arrived at my friend’s house, and put on a happy front, but soon I was feeling so bad I couldn’t help but cry, she was so understanding and told me to lie down in her room. The following day we took a 7 hour flight to Bali, we were seated right up the back of the plane, with all the families and babies screaming their lungs out. My dear friend had acquired a stomach bug somehow before even arriving in Bali and was beginning to throw up next to me. Shit!

After arriving in Bali and driving around for hours looking for accommodation we finally were at rest in our moldy, humid hotel room. The weather was dark and the rain was torrential. What were we doing here.

We decided to go to Ubud the next day, the organic food and produce, yoga, mediation and massage hub of Bali. Our transport to Ubud was a tiny van, its engine was red-hot under my thighs, and it sounded like it was going to blow up any moment. A french man joined us, sitting in the back, smoking during the entire journey. That made me feel magnificent.

Eliminating my pain and fatigue in Ubud I was in my element, amazing organic cafes, cheap massage and pampering, lovely accommodation and cute monkeys.  The only negatives were that every single, bloody time we had to get a taxi, which was ALOT, we had to barter, this was so exhausting. Not long into our trip my sister joined us, providing further a feeling of comfort and home that family does. The days were filled with eating organic food at the most adorable cafes, massages and just chilling out. It was still raining alot at this stage, but I guess it made me feel a little less guilty for napping alot.

We then took a very disturbing boat ride over to an Island off Bali. The swell was big so the ride was awfully bumpy and the drivers of the boat were having trouble with the engine, which they attended to near us whilst smoking in close proximity to the fuel tanks. I though we may die if the boat over turned or it blew up! After arriving on the island thank fully we found an ausome local, almost immediately who had some very decent accommodation which we stayed in the entire time. The island was amazing, delightful aqua water, beautiful waves and a relaxed vibe.

Anyway to cut a long story short whilst sitting in one of the organic cafes in Seminyak a woman over heard us speaking about finding a healer for me. She snapped around from her chair and told us about a healer named Marion, who had healed her daughter. She called the healer for us and we organised an appointment, it was going to cost me 80 australian dollars, but I was sucked in, I had to see her!

  • Healer number one, Marion was by profession a homeopath.

At her amazing villa in the back streets of Seminyak she asked for a medical history, she then spoke to me about brain toxicity from immunisations and various chemical exposures. She got out her pendulum and began swaying it in front of me. She then began writing down different numbers, sequences and grabbing different homeopathic sugar pills and placing them in individual sachets. She did this very fast. We spoke a bit more and recommended a gluten and casein free diet. She then placed my homeopathic remedies in her hands and began moving her conjoined hands up in the air above her and she spoke a prayer, She then stood up as did I and kissed me on my forehead before saying goodbye.


I did not see any results and I ran out of money quicker because of the expense. She made some valid points in our consult, but somehow her sugar pills did not cure me.

At another trendy cafe in Ubud my friend decided to approach a mysterious man who we kept on crossing paths with. She asked if he knew of any healers in Ubud. He spoke of a french woman, who we could not reach in the end. But soon after speaking with this man an american woman approached our table to tell us about a healer nearby who did remedial massage. She sweared he had healed her of illness. So we found him and made a booking.

  • Healer number two a young man who had apparently been born with healing powers and was a remedial masseuse.

The remedial masseuse ushered me to his massage room. I stripped off and lay on the table. He began to massage in heavy, firm strokes on my neck and back. I had never experienced such a style of massage as it seemed to focus on completely different parts of the muscles and tissues. To be honest, it was extremely painful, but I was up for the challenge, a bit of pain was worth the session being affective. As he massaged he asked quite a few questions and he kept on saying I had really bad energy and was coughing and spluttering through his mouth. He told me I was not sick and that I just needed to meditate more and go to a particular river outside a special temple and wash in the water. I just had bad energy. His questions became quite personal and it seemed as though he was trying to evoke emotions. He began to massage so hard that he forced the table I was on into the wall a metre in front of me. After an hour and a half he stopped massaging and he told me to sit up on the table with my legs crossed. He jumped up and sat facing me, put his hands on mine and asked me to meditate. He then sat behind me and told me to close my eyes and he placed his hand on my neck and pressed into a certain part. An overwhelming feeling of devastation, emotion, despair ran through me and I began to cry. He told me normally those he works with cry within the first hour and only a few did not cry during the massage.

Verdict: It was painful and I felt alot worse after the session. There were no results seen apart from being slightly disturbed.

Believe it or not I got to experience seeing a third ‘healer’. In yet another organic cafe we sat speaking of healing, health and food and all of a sudden the woman sitting next to us had coaxed my friend to sit with her. My sister and I were distracted my another visitor to the table but I could see they were having conversation, but that my friend had begun closing her eyes. The healer, in the middle of the cafe began moving her body like a serpant and swinging her arms into the air, she was snorting and breathing very loudly with her eyes half open. They spoke for a while and she repeated her body movements a number of times until my friend left her table and came to me and told me that the healer wanted to see me.

  • Healer number 3, a cosmic, psychic healer from the USA

The third healer asked me why I wanted to be healed, so I told her about my health. She explained how she discovered she was a healer and had helped a lot of people ever since. She was very kind and understanding. She then began to move her body like a serpent, and waving her arms up in the air, breathing heavily, slightly sorting. She repeated these movements a number of times and writing down numbers words on a piece of paper. She explained that people can have chords attached to other people from previous lives. She told me that in my past life I was the leader of a very large tribe. There was a tragedy and that many people in the tribe relied heavily on me. She said that those people still had chords attached to me and that it was draining all my energy. She asked if she could have my permission to cut off all the chords. She said I had close to 80 chords, the most she had seen. So she began to move her body once again, and again, moving her arms closer to me trying to cut my chords. After a while she asked if I felt better. To be honest I felt worse, having to sit there and talk to her for so long was terribly exhausting. I ended up being at her table for nearly an hour as she continued to place her hand near me firing out her healing powers. It got to the point where I had to say I am sorry but I just don’t feel any different!

Verdict: I wish I could say that this woman healed me, but once again it just exhausted me, I couldn’t really relate to what she was saying about my past life and the chords, but I am grateful she took the time, in the middle of that cafe to give it a go. It was free.

Unfortunately as the end of the trip neared I felt my condition worsening and that I was going to seriously crash at any moment. I couldn’t really speak and my symptoms had exasperated. I was so thankful I travelled with two very understanding, beautiful ladies. After arriving home I did officially crash severely, which I was not surprised by at all! Unfortunately I could not study twice a week anymore and after finally giving in to my illness my condition worsened further. So in a nut shell my advice would be not to travel unless you have recovered!! To focus on the positives, after the trip I finally realised I had to accept my condition in order to heal. And unfortunately this meant I could not do the same things I could do before becoming ill, it does not mean forever, but just until I am healed.


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