My current treatment and healing regime

Hello there.

I previously shared with you the practitioners I am currently seeing, the tests I have recently undergone (still waiting for some results) and so it is time to provide a run down of what I do exactly when it comes to treatment, healing and management! What I do for my condition has developed over a couple of years and was not introduced overnight.


I do not take all of my supplements at the same time, some I alternate and some are temporary. My minerals, vitamin D, vitamin C and digestive support are a constant in my regime.

I am very careful when it comes to supplement selection. The majority contain unnecessary fillers, binders, sweeteners, magnesium stearate which is included to make the machines run faster, not for the consumers benefit. The source of the supplement is important as well, I opt for naturally derived not synthetically made. Certain types of vitamins and minerals are more bioavailable than others so it is worth doing the research. From my experience you get what you pay for. The brands I trust: Thorne Research, Quantum Nutrition Labs, Arthur Andrew Medical, Global Healing Centre and other independent companies.


Concentrace Mineral Drops By Trace Minerals Research I drop 4 – 6 drops in every glass of water I have

Magnesium citramate, aspartate By Thorne Research

Magnesium oil By Ancient Minerals or Echo Life

Zinc Picolinate By Metabolic maintenance

Germanium By Intensive Nutrition

Potassium Citrate By Thorne Research

Iodine By Bioceuticals and Nascent Iodine I alternate

Selenium By Bioceuticals

Coral Calcium By Quantum Nutrition Labs

Vitamin C

Lipsomal Vitamin C by LivOn

Ascorbic acid and buffered Vitamin C By Thorne Research

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 By Carlson labs

B Vitamins

B Complex By Thorne Research

Detoxification and Energy

R – Lipoic Acid By Thorne Research the most bioavailable form of lipoic acid

Lipsomal Glutathione By LivOn

Liquid SAM-e By Cellfood highly absorbable liquid SAM-e for liver and mood

N – Acetyl Carnitine powder

CoQ10 Live source by Quantum Nutrition Labs

Vitamin E By Thorne Research or Vitamin E Complex by A.C Grace

Digestive Support

Digestive Enzymes Devigest By Arthur Andrew Medical

Saccerimides Boullardi By Thorne Research

Beet derived Hydrochloric Acid By Quantum Nutrition Labs

also previously taking Dr Ohirras OMX – 100 probiotics, Syntol By Arthur Andrew Medical and Symbion

Kefir made using Donna Gates Kefir starter or live fresh water grains. If you are in Australia it is cheapest to buy from here.

L – Glutamine

Oxypowder By Global Healing Centre

Compounded medicine

Progesterone creamΒ  I get from Complementary medicine. They do not use any toxic chemicals in their creams or unnecessary binders and fillers.

Compounded, low dose. slow release T3 (thyroid hormone) I also get from Complementary medicine


Organic, natural skin care, body care, toothpaste, shampoo, cleanser, dishwashing liquid, general house cleaner (bi-carb and vinegar does the trick.)

Quality water filters for the tap and my own personal filter

Avoidance of chemicals and EMF radiation when possible

Safe cookware

Himalayan Salt lamps for negative ions and negative ionisers


Organic whole food, unprocessed, biologically correct diet

Avoiding all type 3, IgG allergens (delayed reaction) and sensitivities/intolerances and sticking to safe foods.

For me, my main allergies and sensitivities are most grains (gluten and lectins), legumes, dairy (casein and lactose), sugar and soy.

I have tested using various techniques to find what exactly I am reacting to but unfortunately no test is completely accurate.Β  Below are some options, some of which I have tried including: Healthscope Pathology IgG Food Sensitivity Profile; Imupro IgG testing; US BioTek; ALCAT; NAET, Biomeridian, and the gold standard of sensitivity testing elimination diets. Pulse testing yourself some believe gives a good indication of IgG allergies as well.

A huge emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods. Low in omega 6 (inflammatory) and high in omega 3 (anti-inflammatory).

I consume food low in food toxins such as phytates, phytic acid, oxalates, lectins which aggravate my gut, and inhibit the absorption of important minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese etc which I tend to be badly deficient in. When it comes to nuts, seeds and pseudo grains I soak them for 12-24 hours and/or ferment them prior to cooking or consumption.

My doctor advises me to consume a diet high in cholesterol, yes high. All hormones are made from cholesterol. It is a healing substance and is not to be feared. If you don’t consume it, your liver will just make more.

I consume an abundance of non-rancid, stable, healthy fats such as coconut oil, ghee, raw olive oil, red palm oil, animal fats, avocado.

Chemical free, organic, free range meats.

I consume plenty of fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, homemade coconut yogurt.

Organic vegetables and low sugar fruits such as coconut and berries.

Line caught, high selenium, oily fish.


I do not do all of these at the same time (apart from the tongue scrape), I do alternate them.

Scrape tongue daily after waking an Ayurvedic practise

Netty pot to flush sinuses with salty water


Light yoga

Dry body brushing

Enemas when I am desperate

infrared sauna

Ionic foots spas/epsom salt and magnesium chloride footspa


Mindfulness meditation

Yoga Nidra

Positivity, affirmations, acceptance

Books by Eckart Tolle


Only as much mental and physical exertion as I can tolerate

Small amounts of computer usage and television

Avoid stressful situations when I can

I find converation and long hangouts difficult, but it is important not to be totally socially isolated I feel so I just deal with it.


This is a new one for me, I have tried to do light yoga mainly lying down over the past couple of years and have tried to walk but I end up crashing further. I have devised a new schedule which sees me doing a small walk and some light weights daily. I have just begun so I will let you know how it goes.

So there you have it! My regime is ever-changing and evolving if I feel something is a waste of time or money and is not effective then I will stop, assess my situation and find more answers!


5 thoughts on “My current treatment and healing regime

  1. wow…it sounds like a lot…
    I hope one day you’ll start to see a noticeable difference πŸ™‚

    p.s. coconut yogurt? How do you make it at home? I tried the So Delicious brand just few days ago for the first time and I hated it, urgh.


  2. ha yes. Most of what I do I don’t even think about. I guess I have gradually made lifestyle changes over time and they have become part of everyday living. I have recently definately noticed a slight improvement and over a longer period see how far I have come, it is just so slow!
    Sometimes I buy canned coconut cream/milk. Warm it then add in a dairy free probiotic powder like Sedona labs iflora. Put in a yogurt maker for about 10 hours, or sometimes with I use raw young coconut meat. It also depends how sour you like it how long you ferment it. Hope your well, Amy


  3. This looks like a brilliant approach to me. Good on you!

    Look forward to joining you for your ‘fully recovered’ party on a beautiful beach in Tassie some time soon where we will look back and laugh at all the hilarious challenges along the way.

    Slow and steady wins the race ay?


  4. Hi Amy,

    I was curious about your diet and that you avoid phytates, phytic acid, oxalates and lectins.
    I have been looking at the low oxalate diet and feel really overwhelmed. I’m already on the low FODMAP diet but I was wondering to what extent do you cut out oxalates?

    Best wishes


  5. Hey Renee. I am not pedantic about the oxalates, but I generally avoid raw kale, spinach etc, i’m not worried having a bit of raw spinach in a green smoothie now and then! I am more concerned about lectins, phytates, saponins and other enzymes inhibitors in grains, legumes, soy, nightshades and so on. These lectins have been linked with leaky gut and have also been linked with autoimmunity amoungst other things. Loren Cordain has some great articles on this and has some solid research on this as well I am currently following a paleo/autoimmune nutritional approach, I will post about it this week! Robb wolf has some good info as well many other health professionals linked from my site. Chris Kresser has some good articles Good Luck!


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