My Healing Journey So Far In Bali (Warning: Contains Graphic Details.)


Hello there gorgeous readers.

Wow I have been in Bali for almost 6 weeks now! Time has absolutely flown by; it feels like a massive blur, a dream almost.

My time has been consumed by appointments with my doctor for ozone treatment (EBOO and ear infiltrations), glutathione, lipoic acid, collagen and vitamin c injections, massages, far infrared saunas, eating amazing, organic, raw whole foods, getting around Ubud with my scooter taxi and heading down to Kuta to trial Bioresonance therapy. I have had barely any time to breathe; it has been intense physically and emotionally.

Coming to this island alone has been so incredibly challenging, especially when dealing with a chronic illness. Booking to come here was a very impulsive decision, and I didn’t really think about how I would cope. Thankfully, I love my own company and spend a fair amount of time alone already, but being in a foreign country and undergoing quite invasive and intense treatment alone is another story altogether. I had massive expectations and ideals for the treatment here, but my experience has not met these. This is OK! I have let go of these expectations; they were not realistic and relevant to me, as an individual.


I visualised myself bouncing around with an abundance of energy and vitality after 2 or 3 treatments, but the reality for me after doing 10 EBOOs and ear infiltrations so far with 2 to go is that my herxes actually worsened over this period.

My doctor is very cautious and started my ozone concentration on the lowest amount. As he increased the concentration I noticed a stronger herx.

I have also been rifing for Candida, parasites, Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia as well as taking Ozonide Para-rizol and trialling Bioresonance therapy. I have gone overboard and my body is freaking out!!


I also had a massive set back on my trip. In my second week here I got a parasitic infection that caused diarrhea, chills, worsened fatigue and weakness. I saw Dr Peggy at Alchemy in Penestanan and began Ozonide Para-rizol. I thought with all the antimicrobials and probiotics I take I would avoid this, but I realised many of my poor hygiene habits were not serving me well, primarily biting my nails!!

I knew I had to give this habit up when coming to an underdeveloped, foreign country with poor sanitation, but in recent months my nail biting had gone to a whole new level, and I mean extremely obsessive compulsive, not being able to sleep for hours at night because I could NOT take my hands out of my mouth! I am being very open here.

After 5 days of diarrhea I was trying to sleep at night with an uncomfortable backside. I instinctively knew I had to do an enema. So to the bathroom I went to perform this procedure. After doing the implant I immediately felt a strong urge to go to the toilet. To my surprise, when sitting up from the toilet seat I found I had passed 50 + worms from my colon.

I screamed!!! I yelled! I could not believe me eyes. It was so confronting! But people, this is reality! After this experience I have come to realise how common parasitic infections truly are. These worms were not from Bali, they had to be at least 3 months old because of their size. Do you know what one of the many symptoms of having parasites are…. nail biting! I have not touched my nails since, and they are looking spectacular, for the first time in my life.

A couple of days later the parasitic infection I acquired in Bali seemed to be becoming slightly milder. However I woke up early one morning with some discomfort still present. I did another enema and afterwards felt an intense urge to go to the toilet. I still felt very ill and was experiencing diarrhoea, but this time I went to the toilet it looked like my lower colon mucosal lining had come out. I freaked out a little, which did not help. I then started experiencing excruciating pain and blood started flowing out of my colon… A LOT! I tried to keep calm, I called for help and went to a local clinic at 6 am, trying to consult with a Balinese doctor whilst running to the toilet every few minutes to pass blood and a little diarrhoea. I had a lot gas building in my colon, which was pressing on my wounded colon causing excruciating pain. He prescribed drugs, but I was not convinced I would need to take them. I then went to the ozone clinic at 10 am where I was meant to get EBOO and ear infiltrations but because of the bleeding Dr Chandra advised we just do the ear infiltration not the EBOO as it thins the blood. After the treatment I lay in the clinic for a couple of hours, running to the toilet every 15 minutes, I was scared to go home alone. I was so weak and pale. Eventually I made it home.

My pain was escalating and I continued to bleed, I was yelling prayers from my bungalow!! My mouth was so dry as well (I assume because of dehydration, but also loosing the mucosal layer/moisture from my colon.) I skyped my family in Australia, but could barely speak at that stage and had to be on the toilet most of the time. I am in agony!

I eventually contacted my doctor again from the ozone clinic and asked what I should do, it seemed to be getting worse. I was so scared. I had lost a lot of blood by the afternoon and I was not sure whether anyone was taking it very seriously.

He said he would drive me to the hospital in Kuta. The 2 hour drive to find a hospital was hell and I had to stop off at some random Balinese family compound to relieve the pain caused by gas and any passing faecal matter and blood. They didn’t have toilet paper… but eventually found some facial wipes for me to use.

Eventually we found a relatively new hospital named Siloam in Kuta. I was so lucky to have my doctor with me so he could tell them what had happened and to make sure I got the best care. They were really lovely, thorough and ran many tests immediately. Better care than I had received in an Australian hospital.

They hooked me up to a drip to receive electrolytes and asked for a sample of my stool. They found the parasite Entamoeba Histolytica in my stool which can cause symptoms such as dysentery, bloody diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue and abdominal pain. The amoeba can actually pierce its way into the intestinal wall, causing damage and intestinal symptoms, and from there it can make its way into the blood stream. It can then reach various vital organs, but it does generally prefer to infect the liver. The specialist said the parasite must of been damaging my colon over the week leading up to my hospitalisation to the point where it eventually became a serious wound. Within half an hour they had my blood test results, which showed very high white blood cell count, very low red blood cell count, low electrolyes and difficulty with blood clotting. My doctor had called in a friend of his who was an internal specialist doctor, he assessed me and told me I would need to have intravenous antibiotics, another drug the stop the bleeding, another drug to stop the inflammation, another drug to stop the pain! Oh and maybe another drug to sleep. By this stage I had completely surrendered to the situation I was in, to the drugs and put my complete trust in the doctors. I just wanted the bleeding and the pain to stop. The pain and bleeding continued into the night, but thankfully by early morning it appeared the bleeding was easing and so was the pain.

I was told I had to stay for another 2 nights. Which I resisted initally, but I did not want to risk getting worse again, so I listened and obeyed. The antibiotics were already causing a candida overgrowth, my tongue had a thick white and green coating.

The food in the hospital was average at best, and because of my wounded colon all I could stomach was a little liquified food. I was lucky to convince the nurses to let me order deliveries from a local organic café. I managed to get my green smoothie fix and some soup.

After 3 nights in hospital I was getting a bit of strength back and I was told I could leave. I was still very wiped out but my stomach was feeling better.

I then continued on with my treatments at Bali ozone clinic and got back to daily Ubud life.


I reacted adversely to one of the oral antibiotics the doctor had given me after leaving hospital, which I later discovered was a quinolone. It caused shortness of breath, tight chest and a cramping body. Magnesium seemed to do the trick though. I was told antibiotics can drain minerals from the body.

After continuing with further ozone treatments after my hospital stay, I have been convinced that the ozone therapy has kicked my immune system fair into gear. My body is so overwhelmed right now it is hard to truly tell what is happening. My doctor said that it may take 3 weeks after my last EBOO ozone for everything to settle and to see true results not clouded by toxicity. My body is feeling incredibly exhausted and toxic.

I promise to keep you all informed on my progress over the coming weeks and months. But my next post I want to dedicated to the incredible lessons I have learned on this trip. There have been many! The guidance of an amazing spiritual teacher has made this trip all the more easier. I want to share how overnight my approach to healing and to life has changed dramatically. These lessons have made me so much more accepting of my unique journey and experience on this trip to Bali.

Love and blessings until next time,

Amy x