Healing With Art Therapy

blue lotus mandala

When it come to healing myself I have a holistic approach, taking care to nurture my mind, body and spirit. Nourishing my body with healing, nutrient dense whole foods, thinking positive thoughts and practicing meditation, moving my body when I can using yoga, strength training and walking, living a toxin free lifestyle, drinking an abundance of filtered water, using specific therapeutic herbs and vitamins, consuming probiotic rich foods, spending time in nature, connecting with others, Ayurvedic detoxification methods such as netti pot, enemas, oil pulling and tongue scraping, infrared saunas, dry body brushing and adequate sleep all contribute to my increased vitality and healing.

On top of all of this, in the past year I have been able implement another healing ‘modality’ if you like,  doing things that I truly love, that bring me joy and feed my soul. This is where my healing really began to accelerate.

Unfortunately studying nutrition, my other passion, is not possible at present but I have been able to get creative again! I have always had a love for drawing, sketching, painting but the past few years saw my creativity and inspiration run dry.

Being inspired again feels so amazing. I feel like I am finally achieving something, by creating, and sharing my creations. My art is my therapy.

AMY scan 1a

I am enjoying creating mandalas at the moment. I suddenly felt inspired to go in this direction. I also adore drawing portraits and figures as well. I use pencil, watercolour and pen.

‘Mandala’ loosely translated as ‘circle‘ represents the universe, the material and non material realities, the macrocosm and microcosm. These highly intricate illustrations are used as an instrument for meditation and are cosmic diagrams reminding us of our relation to the infinite. Mandalas express ones own visions, beliefs and facilitate personal growth. Many cultures create mandalas as part of their spiritual practice. The intentions that are set prior to and during the creation of the mandala create a powerful piece that is extremely healing for the artist and the viewer.


I hope you enjoy viewing my most recent art collection. Check out my website, my Etsy store, my facebook page, and my blog to keep up to date with what I am creating.

Eco friendly A4 prints and A5 greeting cards and originals can be purchased from my Etsy store. All paper is recycled and the cards feature a recycled envelope and biodegradable cellophane bag. All prints and orders are wrapped in recycled tissue paper and recycled tape.



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