My current treatment and healing regime: Part 1

Over a year ago now I had basically seen all the doctors in my state/city who have any understanding of ME/CFS. I had put everything into following their treatment plans, but significant results were yet to be seen. Ok so at this point I could watch a little more tele, spend a bit more time on the computer researching and conversation wasn’t quite as exhausting but that was about it. I was doing quite a bit of research to decide what direction to head in next. Some of this research was looking into the GAPS diet, The Body Ecology Diet and other protocols online as previously mentioned. They promised to heal the gut, cure candida, heal autoimmune disease and ME/CFS and some amazing results were being had. But it must be stressed that, from my experience it is difficult to find success with a one size fits all protocol, particularly with complicated conditions such as ME/CFS. So trial and error is important!

My masseuse at the time had recommended a naturopath to me and explained that she practised energetic medicine and applied kinesiology amongst other things. It sounded kooky to me and I didn’t really consider it. A few weeks later though I was breaking down and felt I needed to call this woman just to see what she was all about. The naturopath answered the phone and told me about her 10 year battle with ME/CFS and how she had literally tried everything and had finally found treatment for the condition that worked. We had a great conversation and then I made an appointment. I had nothing to loose and when you have tried everything conventional, integrative, well you have to try the alternative!

What does her treatment involve

My naturopath uses energetic scanning machines from America and Europe and energetic/homeopathic medicine as a primary treatment and diagnostic tool as well as her naturopathy, nursing experience and nutritional supplementation. She uses:

The NES system

A body scanning system which reads the energetic frequencies of your body and organs. I was amazed at how well it picked up on where my pain was located.


Another body scanning device which reads the energy of certain points on your body. This device also performs allergy and sensitivity testing. I have been getting a monthly scan for the past 10 months.


NAET was developed to help people overcome allergy and sensitivity. Allergy is involved in almost all modern day chronic illness. I have been receiving NAET treatments for a year now and am giving it another 2 months of FREE treatment to see results.


The Scenar device was developed by the Russians and used in the Russian Space Program. It delivers computer-modulated, therapeutic electro-stimulation via a patient’s skin. It is designed to treat acute and chronic pain and aid the body in the healing process. I occasionally receive Scenar treatment, it most definitely relieves pain from personal experience.

Ionic Detox Footspa

Check out the link on the Ionic foot spa. It aids the body in detoxification. I have had many of these. They can wipe you out afterwards, beware!

She initially made nutritional recommendations as well as a simplified supplement regime including concentrated mineral drops, oxypowder, tissue salts, the probiotic Symbion was also taken for 6 months and copious amount of transdermal magnesium. She recommended avoiding electro magnetic radiation as much as possible and chemicals.

I have been seeing this naturopath for a year now. She has been the perfect practitioner, providing much needed emotional support and obviously amazing understanding. The past year I have made a small improvement, but it is not significant yet to say I have improved. Her treatment has at times made me feel significantly worse. Energetic/homeopathic medicine is part of her protocol which aims at healing the body as a whole and can induce quite intense healing reactions. I understand the role these reactions play in true healing, but the scary thing is it is difficult to differentiate between a healing reaction and my condition worsening. Once again I believe this naturopath has taught me alot and I will be following her protocol until the end (another couple of months.) She has so far been a valuable part of my healing journey, but it has definitely not been the one and only answer, but more complementary from my experience. Her diagnostic tools are amazingly accurate when compared to medical tests I have had which has given me some peace of mind. So basically I will have to wait until christmas to give you the verdict. Hold in there!!

This is just one component of my healing regime. Coming from different directions, covering all grounds is my motto. I also see a holistic doctor, receive acupuncture from a doctor, meditate, get plenty of sunshine and fresh air, eat a clean, organic, unprocessed, anti inflammatory diet, take necessary nutritional supplements and avoid chemicals and electro magnetic radiation when possible. I will address these in more depth in my following posts.


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