Recipe of the week: My whole food, super smoothie

This recipe may sound strange but it actually tastes really good, its creamy, tangy and thick! The way I like it. But because of the nature of smoothies you can make it whatever you want and change it around.

This smoothie doesn’t contain any expensive, fancy powders but just real, whole foods with their own amazing health giving qualities. Don’t get me wrong goji berries, acai and maca have wonderful health benefits, but the media hype and marketing seems to make us forget about the wonderful superfoods right in front of us.

This smoothie has influences from raw, living, enzyme rich diets; traditional, paleo food, Weston A Price, The Body Ecology Diet and from Phospholipid exchange pioneered by Dr Patricia Kane.

This smoothie is so nutrient rich and a great source of fat soluble vitamins which many miss out on. It is also rich in magnesium, potassium and phosphorus; fibre from the avocado which is one of the most fibre rich foods containing 11 to 17 grams per avocado. The bovine gelatin provides Glycine, an amino acid which many are deficient in. Gelatin is basically collagen providing nourishment for hair, skin and nails and also aids in digestion.

This smoothie contains high quality complete protein from the egg yolk and gelatin. The egg yolk provides fat soluble vitamins such as A, E, D and K, and essential fatty acids ie high omega 3s if pasture raised. The yolk also provides a good source of B vitamins.

Thanks to coconut oil it is also a great source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), MCFA’s are very nourishing and healing to the body and are intravenously fed to most hospital patients to speed the healing process. MCFA’s are great for energy and metabolism, digestion and nutrient absorption. It is high in immune boosting lauric acid and has strong anti microbial properties and helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients. Coconut oil is particularly nourishing for the thyroid. The addition of kefir makes this smoothie a powerful probiotic drink with immune enhancing properties. kefir bacteria have the ability to colonise the intestinal tract and destroy putrefying bacteria. It is also very detoxifying.

This a meal people! Very filling and satisfying.

  • Base Recipe

2 tablespoons of organic, virgin coconut oil

I use melrose organic, virgin coconut oil expelled using DME process.

2 tablespoons of avocado

1 teaspoon of pure 100% bovine gelatin

I use NOW 100% Bovine Gelatin

1 tablespoon of hot water

2 raw egg yolks

Real free range, pastured eggs

1/4 cup of coconut cream kefir, goats milk kefir or coconut cream

I use Ayam coconut cream which I ferment with The Body Ecology kefir starter

1/4 of a cup of coconut water, coconut water kefir or water

I use Beyond Coconut water, C coconut which I ferment with The Body Ecology kefir starter

Stevia to sweetness desired

  • For flavour variations

Frozen berries or banana

Preferably organic



I use the old vanilla pod

You could also try adding some low oxalate greens if you wish

  • Method

Add hot water to gelatin and dissolve

Add coconut oil, avocado, egg yolks, coconut cream, goats kefir/coconut cream, coconut water/kefir and stevia.

Add the dissolved gelatin

Add your choice of berries, banana, cinnamon, vanilla and low oxalate greens if you please

Blend well


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