Audio podcasts: Primal living, Sugar and an oldie but a goodie

Why hello there.

Yesterday I found a very dated but really endearing radio interview from 2006 with Alastair Lynch, who was a professional AFL footballer for the brisbane Lions and personally suffered ME/CFS and Duncan Armstrong an olympic gold medalist who also suffered and defeated ME/CFS. Alastair is the author of ‘Taking nothing for granted’ a great book about his ordeal with ME/CFS and of course about football!

The link below is the recording but make sure you miss the first track as it is all about how sport is fairing in 2006.

Overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome on ‘talking life’

The interview isn’t at all scientific and doesn’t go into a whole lot of detail about treatments. They do however discuss the treatments they tried, how they coped emotionally and the misconceptions of the illness. It is nice hearing two high profile individuals speak about how ‘real’ this illness really is. As macho men playing professional sports, they had an enormous amount of pressure on them to just toughen up and get on with it! But as you know this is impossible with ME/CFS. They also talk about acceptance and about journaling what they did and how they felt everyday. There are also many phonecalls from the public during the interview to ask them questions, some sufferers literally in tears!


Today one of my new favourite blogs by Sarah Wilson has posted about Nora Gedgaudas a nutritional therapist, lecturer, tv presenter and the author or ‘Primal Body, Primal life’. She is about to tour Australia to speak about nutrition and health. Her lecture focuses on the subject ‘avoiding the ‘Diseases of Civilisation” and obesity, diabetes, depression, asthma, allergies, arthritis, alzheimers, digestive disorders, hormone problems and more! You can listen to the interview with Nora here by Sarah Wilson.

The main point she makes is that our genes are 99.9% the same as they were during the paleolithic times, before the agricultural revolution when we ate fat, protein and low starch vegetables. A far cry from the modern high sugar, carbohydrate and starch diet. She obviously goes into ALOT more depth about the science behind all this, but its best you listen to the interview for a brief overview, or read the book. Enjoy!

AND the final addition is an entertaining interview from 4BC radio with David Gillespie and cardiologist David Calquhoun. Nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara and David Gillespie have gone head to head with the heart foundation to question why they do not take sugar into account when assessing foods eligible for the heart foundation tick or food quality. There is ample evidence sugar plays a huge role in the development of heart disease. Also below is a link to A Current Affair program on the same issue.

A Current Affair: Heart Tick for Sweet Treats

4BC Sugar Stoush


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